Sunday, 29 July 2012


So its Sunday, and I'm making the most of one of the two days we get given off a week (grr to the five day working week!) As soon as the rain chucked me back in to the house after some much needed gardening (for me rather than the garden).
My partner was busy planning his exit from his nine to five so I decided to look at the cook book my neighbour gave me a couple of weeks ago, BOURBONS! I never really thought about making the bog standard shop bought biscuit before, why the hell not? it was really easy! They would make a great gift for a biscuit lover too.

I made these whilst listening to The Death Set

By the time I had finished it was sunny, time to go back in the garden, A cup of tea a biscuit and some thoughts on weather my friend has had her babi yet.


She always joins me in the garden.
I got these at a carboot yesterday, not sure what to do with the stamps yet and the tin well I have a thing about tins.
something I walked away from.... if you like typewriters too check this out clairelasecretaire

Whilst writing this post I've been listening to and watching Warpaint I have a thing about these girls. Hope you've all had a top weekend!