Tuesday, 15 June 2010


So basically all I am interested in really
is raiding through junk shops, car boots, antiques houses, skips!
some things I have found recently....

50p for a lovely tin like this, yep I think so, I'll have it, thank you.
perfect for putting things in.

She is completely interested in her little carry basket!

slightly modernized the grid at the front, I think it looks better.
Not that Mouse cares what she is carried in, or that it will ever get used! I like it even if she ...has just walked off.

Right I have wanted one of these little domed, con vexed, tube style mirrors for
bloody ages so I was delighted when I came across this mini one, perfect!

Pretty much love all old things made from wood, so when I saw this old French Champagne case holder thing, I thought well I don't need it but I'm gonna bloody get it.I'll make a little cover for it and use it as a foot stool.

The end. that's my stuff, hope you have enjoyed looking at it.


  1. Lovely finds - especially love that mirror, it's gorgeous!

  2. Wow I also love to hunt through charity shops and junk shops. I love that champagne case! I recently bought a really old wooden type case.

  3. i love that mirror! bet you have good carboots and charity shops round you. not like the ones here. although some of the carboots arent to bad but i never find cool stuff. x

  4. love an oul rummage mesell....great finds!!! x